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New Tide Detergent Tiles Eliminate Need for Plastic Packaging

New six-layer fiber tiles for Tide laundry detergent are packaged in a sturdy, sustainable carton fitted with a tray that holds the product in place.

Tide Evo 44ct Front Of Pack

Procter & Gamble (P&G) brand Tide, has launched a new form of laundry detergent called Tide evo, which is a square-shaped, six-layer “tile” of concentrated ingredients woven together. The design of the thin, malleable fiber tile was driven by consumer insight and with sustainability in mind.

"Tide evo embodies over a decade of research and development, signifying a major advancement in how we approach cleanliness and efficiency in our daily lives," says Sundar Raman, chief executive officer, P&G Fabric & Home Care.

P&G’s research found that consumers expect increasing levels of convenience. The company’s response was to develop the Tide evo fiber tiles, which are lighter, faster, and simpler than its other detergents. To be evermore environmentally conscious, the tiles are also designed using tens of thousands of miniscule fibers to create layers of soap without extra liquid and fillers while eliminating the need for plastic bottles. This new detergent dissolves upon contact with water.

Innovative packaging design for ease of use

The fiber tiles, measuring approximately 3.5 x 3.5 in., are packaged in a hinged-lid paperboard carton that is approximately 3.5 in. W x 5.7 in. D x 7.1 in. L. The carton is stored upright on the shelf and open on the right side, after a perforated strip is removed. A click tab enables easy opening of the package for access to the tiles. It also allows the carton to be securely reclosed.

Inside is a specially designed trays with one partition that separate the tiles into two stacks. The trays provide structural support to the carton, so it maintains its shape from factory to consumer home, while simultaneously keeping the tiles securely stacked. The trays ensure the integrity of both the product and the package’s squareness, according to Marcello Puddu, senior director of Fabric Care Research & Development at P&G.

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“The cartons are initially die-cut into 2D blanks and then partially assembled by our supplier. This partial assembly ensures a seamless process where the cartons are fully erected and filled with Tide evo tiles concurrently, streamlining production,” says Puddu.The Tide evo fiber tiles are lighter, faster, and simpler than its other detergents.The Tide evo fiber tiles are lighter, faster, and simpler than its other detergents.

The inside of the carton lid features instructions for product use and a QR code for further information. The Tide evo carton is also printed using a standard offset process by a proprietary supplier and features Tide’s iconic blue and orange color palette.

The packaging underwent testing that simulates a range of environmental conditions, including shock, vibration, humidity, and temperature changes to ensure the package’s integrity and durability from manufacturing to disposal.

“The carton provides sufficient protection to delay moisture to migration into the package, preserving the integrity of the product,” says Puddu.

An environmentally minded package

Supporting the company’s sustainable packaging goals, the fiber tiles are designed to be durable without the need for additional plastic packaging materials, such as shrink-wrap around the paperboard. In addition to minimizing materials, the Tide evo package also uses paperboard for the carton to the tray that is 100% Forest Stewardship Council certified and 100% recyclable.

Labeling strategies were also put into place to educate and encourage consumers to recycle the packaging. These include a How2Recycle label with clear recycling instructions and text that reads “Please Recycle Me.”

“During our product development journey, we had the pleasure of spending time with people who have told us they loved experiencing a “Tide clean" in a new way,” says Puddu. “They fell in love with the convenience of a lightweight, waterless form in recyclable paper packaging. Their feedback makes us believe there are untapped ways to evolve this application beyond what we can imagine today. That’s why we're excited about the opportunity continue learning alongside consumers as we expand the product’s availability.”

P&G launched Tide evo at retailers in Colorado in April and plans to expand distribution nationally later this year. The product is available in 16-, 22-, 30-, and 44-ct sizes in Original and Spring Blast scents.

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