DENSO : 2-D barcode scanner

Designed for situations that require high-speed scanning in a small space, Denso’s element-resistant QB30 stationary 2-D barcode scanner scans twice as fast as the previous QB20 model, and can scan moving objects, such as products or containers on a conveyor belt.

Pw 52621 Denso Qb30 2 D Barcode Scanner

A batch-scanning capability reduces inspection times in applications with multiple barcodes.

The QB30’s compact body is 2.4 in. x 2.4-in. x 1.0-in. A wide-angle focusing lens enables placement of the unit as close as 1.6 in. away from the barcodes to be scanned.

The QB30 features an IP54 dust- and splash-proof protection level and an extended operating temperature range of minus 4 to plus 122 degrees Fahrenheit. 


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