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Omron Automation and Safety: Omron Introduces E3X-HD Fiber-Optic Sensor Amplifiers

Omron Industrial Automation has introduced E3X-HD fiber-optic sensor amplifiers with ultra-stable performance and smart tuning for high-speed, reliable input to open protocol industrial networks, including EtherCAT and CompoNet.

Pw 39791 E3x

The advanced smart tuning function allows anyone to accurately adjust sensor threshold and light intensity settings to ensure stable detection conditions with the press of a button. Settings can be confirmed at a glance with a setting visualization screen and symbolic indicators on control buttons. These features make setting of configurations more efficient, even for newly recruited operators.

E3X-CRT CompoNet and E3X-ECT EtherCAT high-speed, open network communication units reduce the amount of wiring and cabling when using multiple fiber amplifier sensors. The communication units are designed for applications using blocks of up to 30 fiber amplifiers, and programmable logic controllers and display monitors may be used for easy monitoring and configuration purposes.

The new amplifiers’ proprietary smart tuning function allows accurate adjustment of the sensor thresholds and light intensity, ensuring constant detection conditions. The tuning function is controlled through a press button. The setting visualization screen and symbolic indicators allow confirmation of the settings.

Additionally, the smart power control function ensures the long-term stability of detection accuracy by sensing and automatically compensating for LED light intensity deterioration and decreases in light incident level due to build-up of grime.

With GIGA RAY II lighting, E3X-NH amplifiers also boast 150 percent increase in power efficiency. The savings are achieved even without making any modifications in sensing distances or response time settings.

For further information and specifications on E3X-HD fiber-optic sensor amplifiers, click here.

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