Toray Plastics (America): Cast PP films

Toray Plastics America has introduced 2 new FDA-approved cast PP sealant films for retort pouch and lidding applications.

Pw 7719 M Toray

CPP ZK100 film for retort pouch constructions offers good clarity, low haze, nonwhitening, and stress-crack resistance. CPP CF9501 sealant film for retort lidding creates a secure, easy-to-peel lamination that can be used on PP containers. Films are said to perform well under aggressive retort sterilization conditions and temperatures to 135ºC. Their consistent quality and ability to handle microwave heating make the films suitable for cooked rice, chili, soups, stews, sauces, seafood, chicken, vegetables, baby food, ice cream, and wet pet-food applications. Both can be combined with polyester films, such as the company’s Barrialox aluminum oxide-coated films, to create a good lamination for microwave retort pouch and lidding applications.

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