Bio-based plastic resin

The new Biopolyolefins™ family of Hybrid Resins™ from Cereplast replace 50% or more of the petroleum content used in traditional plastic resins with bio-based materials such as starches from corn, tapioca, wheat, and potatoes.

Pw 7721 M Cereplast

With nearly the same physical characteristics and price point as traditional polyolefin, the new resins offer plastic manufacturers the opportunity to reduce reliance on petroleum. The first product in the family is Biopropylene™ (CP-BIO-PP-50), a 50% petroleum and 50% starch-based resin with similar properties to traditional PP. Suitable for use in a variety of processing applications, including injection molding, thermoforming, profile extrusion, and extrusion blow molding, the resin meets toxicity requirements and is safe for all applications.

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