Mokon has your solution for accurate and reliable temperature control

The food processing and packaging industries require precise temperature control for their manufacturing processes - so whether it’s extruding chocolate, mixing dough, fermenting wine, or tighter tolerances for packaging materials, you need a temperature control partner with proven experience.

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When a large snack food processor approached Mokon with a need for a compact unit that provided multiple zone temperature control, we tapped into our customization expertise to meet their requirements. Building on years of experience in designing and engineering quality heating and cooling systems, we were successful in providing a custom seven-zone water temperature control system to meet their needs.

The custom water system was required to accurately control the temperature in seven different zones of the snack food processor’s extrusion barrel, and the customer requested all seven zones be independently controlled from a single location. The benefits of a single, compact cabinet included: reducing the unit’s footprint thereby increasing manufacturing floor space, having one connection point to the electrical source which minimized the electrical installation costs, and a common supply/drain that reduced plumbing time and costs. Our customer expressed significant satisfaction in the operation and process control from the multi-zone system and not only purchased additional systems, but also recommended Mokon to other manufacturers. We pride ourselves on providing this level of service and partnership to all customers.

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