Speedy handle applicator

This first-time exhibitor is demonstrating a handle applicator that can ramp up to speeds of up to 12,000 handles/hr.

Presson handle applicator
Presson handle applicator

Persson’s handle applicator, which you can see at booth N-6067, applies up to 12,000 handles per hour because of its unique engineering and Persson’s flat handle design. The Persson handle applicator docks with your folder/gluer machine and the applicator’s PLC syncs with the existing equipment allowing you to run with your set production speed. The handle applicator can be installed in matters of hours and it can easily be moved from one line to another if required.

According to the company, the largest global brand names use Persson handles due to exceptional application speed, low cost, high quality and strength, and sustainable solution. Persson’s handles allow users to carry small and large packages in excess of 40 lbs.

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