Leuze: Vision system

The ACR 300i is a highly accurate user-friendly solution for a wide variety of vision applications including; 1D and 2D code reading, optical character recognition (OCR), object detection, color detection and position tracking.

Vision system
Vision system

In the packaging industry, the ACR 300i is a smarter solution for the most difficult vision inspection or identification and tracking applications. For example, the ACR 300i successfully solved the requirement of date code verification with a timing of 40 parts/min. That’s 1.25 sec./part for image processing, OCR referencing and output, all while items are moving down the conveyer belt.

With a 1.3 mega-pixel chip, optional image resolution scaling for high speed analysis and automatic correction of image errors or distortions; the ACR 300i is a precise positioning, measurement and verification solution.

The ACR 300i offers easy to configure image processing tools as well as preprocessing filters to provide user-friendly configuration and viewer software. It is available with EtherNet/IP, Ethernet, PROFINET, RS422 and RS232 interfaces as well as optional C-Mount lenses and external illumination accessories.


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