Thermo Fisher Scientific: X-ray contaminant detector

Designed to target lightweight and open-container food product contaminant detection, the Thermo Scientific EZx 465 Touchless X-ray system from Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is an entry-level food safety x-ray system that eliminates the shielding curtains typically used to block radiation, while still complying with all global safety standards.

Pw 41623 Thermo Fisher Scientific E Zx465 Touchless X Ray

The EZx 465 Touchless X-ray system eliminates the need for shielding curtains by conveying the product through the inspection chamber via a series of small slopes. Because x-rays only travel in a straight line, the unit also features angles and aperture with reduced height to ensure that x-ray scatter does not escape from the inlet or outlet areas of the system. The conveyor belt is also slightly tacky, ensuring products stay in place during the slight upward and downward slopes.

The system is available with a 400 mm (15.75 in.) wide belt, and can handle products 65 mm (2.5 in.) in height. Maximum belt speed is 100 meters or 328 ft./min.

Provides a cost-effective solution for locating foreign objects (metal, glass, stone, plastic, bone, etc.) commonly found in packaged food production environments. The system also allows set-up and testing within minutes using the QuickLearn graphical interface and an x-ray source and detector that eliminate blind spots in the inspection tunnel.


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