Matrox Imaging: Smart camera performs ID mark reading and print verification

Matrox Imaging’s Iris GT is a smart camera with vision software for automated guidance, inspection, and tracing.

Pw 39731 Matrox Iris Camera

A powerful, configurable smart camera, the Iris GT performs ID mark reading and print verification using Matrox Design Assistant software. Powered by an efficient Intel Atom embedded processor, the smart cameras offer a dust-proof, immersion-resistant, and extremely rugged construction. A choice of color and monochrome image sensors--in resolutions that range from VGA to 5 MP--allow the cameras to tackle a wide variety of vision applications. Users create applications using Matrox Design Assistant, an intuitive flowchart-based integrated development environment.  Each flowchart "step" translates into an instruction for the Iris GT camera to capture, locate, measure, read, communicate, and interact with other devices.

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