Bison Gear & Engineering Corp.: Plug and play servo system

Bison Gear’s ServoNOW™ integrated servo system with QuickLaunch software features a closed loop brushless servomotor, driver, controller, feedback and universal power supply.

Pw 3746 Webbison

The line of 34 frame integrated intelligence brushless servo motors comes with rated torques up to 195 in oz (1.38 N-m). Can be quickly programmed and monitored using a standard PC through a built-in USB port. Up to 32 index motion profiles in velocity or positioning are easily integrated with QuickLaunch software control program. Includes 4 programmable digital inputs and outputs, analog I/O (0 to 10VDC or 4 to 20MA, 12 bit), and 4096 counts position resolution.

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