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Web Seminar: Abbott Labs talks about its RFID experience

Join IoPP and Packaging World on June 8th for an inside look at RFID technology, right from your computer.

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Presenter J. Michael Wallace, director, Process & Package Development at Abbott Laboratories, Ross Products Division, will discuss via a Web Seminar radio-frequency identification-one of today’s hottest topics.

Wal-Mart’s directive to its Top 100 suppliers to have RFID in-place by 2005 looms larger by the month. Learn first-hand how Abbott Laboratories has turned the potential of this exciting technology into a supply chain reality. Mr. Wallace, at Abbott since 1987, will discuss his experiences developing RFID for use in the supply chain and for use in consumer packaged goods and pharmaceuticals. As co-chair of the Abbott Laboratories RFID Working Group, Wallace will also discuss his experiences developing the technology and its impact on packaging.

The cost to participate in this one-hour presentation, including a 15- to 20-minute question-and-answer period, is $95 for IoPP members and $125 for non-members.

Click here to register for the RFID Webcast.

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