Pregis: Black bubble air cushioning with high recycled content

Providing durability and high air-retention properties, Astro-Bubble Renew black bubble air cushioning from Pregis Corp. has been reformulated to give brand owners a new, more elegant way to cushion their products throughout the distribution chain, while also providing environmental benefits with high recycled content.

Pw 53404 Pregis Astro Bubble Renew With Speaker

Designed for packaging of consumer electronics, cosmetics, jewelry, glass/china, industrial equipment/supplies, pharmaceuticals and more, the sleek, high-tech, black air bubble alternative can help enhance brand image beyond the primary package.  Additionally, the opaque black bubble is suitable for applications that require concealment/theft deterrent properties.

Astro-Bubble Renew is available in coex (low-density polyethylene/nylon) and monolayer (linear-low density polyethylene) options with bubble sizes consisting of very small, small, medium, and large. Bubble diameters range from 1/8- to ½-inch. Recycled content is 40% for the coex version and 25% for monolayer.

The product can be used for cushioning, surface protection and void-fill. Its light weight help minimize transport weight which helps lower fuel consumption and carbon emissions throughout the supply chain.


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