Allpax Products, Inc, a division of Pro Mach: High-speed 2-basket retort product delivery systems

A new automated high-speed retort product delivery system for small footprint retort rooms from Allpax Products, powered by Pro Mach, utilizes 4-, 6-, and 8-basket horizontal retorts for the preparation of shelf-stable food.

Pw 38986 Lim Shuttle 5

Suitable for both new installations and as a retrofit solution, the new system reduces labor cost and frees up workers from the physical demands in the retort room, reducing repetitive motion injuries, worker compensation claims, and lost work days due to injuries. Employers should also see less damage to baskets and retorts for those operations using forklifts for loading and unloading. Return on investment can be two years or less, according to the company.

The shorter 2-basket shuttle is said to travel nearly 5 times faster than typical systems--240 ft./min. An innovative basket coupling system removes the need for long-loading arms, which contributes to the compact size of the 2-basket shuttle. With increased speed and the basket automated couple/decouple mechanism, the high-speed 2-basket system performs the loading/unloading process in a space 50 to 75% smaller in size than that required by the longer shuttles.

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