Lohmann Technologies: Mounting tapes

Lohmann’s DuploFLEX® mounting tapes offer the flexibility of 3 thickness ranges and minimizing the thickness tolerance within a roll, to create high-quality print jobs, especially where tight registration is required.

Pw 3247 Weblohman
DuploFLEX 3 and DuploFLEX 4 ranges are especially useful for narrow-web printing demands, producing tight registration jobs, which helps with die cutting, embossing or foiling applications--because thickness is controlled down to 0.015 in. Foam flexibility ranges vary from soft for high-quality process print to firm for heavier ink coverage needs. Foam mounting tapes are finished with a double-sided flexible PE reinforcement to reduce dot gain and support consistency. Thicknesses cover 0.015”, 0.017” and 0.020” ranges.
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