Fuji Impulse: Sealers for vacuum/ gas-flush sealing

Fuji Impulse’s VG-402/602 Series Nozzle Type Sealers--designed for high precision vacuum and gas-flush package sealing--feature a built-in ONPUL Temperature Control System that controls heating temperatures by measuring them right at the heating element.

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The system’s low-profile temperature sensor comes in direct contact with the heater, preventing the temperature from exceeding the preset temperature, and providing hours of operation. Operators choose from and easily set 13 different sealing methods. Flushes the air inside of the bag and reduces the package volume and/or for oxygen scavenging. The gas-flush sealing function fills the bag with nitrogen gas to prevent oxidation, or with carbon dioxide to prevent spoilage or mold growth. Sealer head is adjustable from 0 – 30º.

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