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Label Systems: Label Systems: QLS digital printing

FROM PACK EXPO 2008: Small label runs are now accessible with emergence of Quick Label Systems’ small model printers.

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QLS focuses on the end user who may be starting up a new product, need on-demand sales samples or run small volume products.
Quick Label Systems provides an entire system to customers, including the equipment, inks, converted labels/ related supplies and direct system support.   They can provide graphic development support to customers who do not have in-house capabilities.  They also have experience with modified substrates for labels sensitive to specific products.
QLS has a family of printers for various customer needs.  The ZEO inkjet model (developed through a partnership with Hewlett Packard) is the most popular printer, as it is ideal for low volume products.  Volume ranges from 1-1,000 labels per day.  The ViVo model is a toner-based system for larger volume needs.  This model can print up tot 1,000 labels per hour.  The last model, the Xe Series, uses a thermal transfer technology and is the highest speed option.  This series can print up to 3,000 labels per hour.
Advantages highlighted:
1 - Suitable for any office environment.  Some models suitable for industrial atmospheres.
2 – Low inventory management
3 – Ideal for short-term packaging SKU’s
4 – Fulfill instant label demands
5 – Ease of procuring labels for sales samples or specialty products
6  - Personalization (Value through adding names, logos, etc.)
Contact info:  April Ondis   - Marketing


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