Sun Chemical: UV flexo for food packaging

GIDUE, Air Liquide, Softal, Sun Chemical, and IST Metz have joined forces to present a breakthrough concept for UV flexo-printed food packaging.

Pw 6826 E Gidue

This combination of technologies represents the first turnkey UV flexo printing solution specifically designed to provide cost-efficient, solvent-free, and food-approved flexible film packaging. The digitally controlled GIDUE Athena mid-web press now incorporates Aldyne in-line plasma treatment from Air Liquide and Softal, and UV Time inert atmosphere curing, integrating the latest generation IST Metz air-cooled MBS lap modules with gas sealing technology from Air Liquide and GIDUE. Using the latest generation Solarflex LM Inert low-migration inks from Sun Chemical, the press can print reliable, high-quality, UV-cured flexible packaging at high speed and cost-effectively on standard-grade packaging films.

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