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Toshiba Machine’s TH-A Series of Scara Robots offers improved cycle times, payloads and repeatability.

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Consisting of three models, the TH650A, the TH850A and the TH1050A, these robots offer a 20-30% improvement in cycle time (with higher payloads) compared to previous models. Standard cycle times are 0.31 sec with a 2 Kg payload for the TH650A, and 0.39 sec with a 5 Kg payload for the TH850A and the TH1050A. X-, Y- and Z-Axis positioning repeatability for all three models is ± 0.01mm., while C-Axis positioning repeatability is ± 0.004°. The rigid construction and vibration-free performance of the TH-A Series result in a longer robot life. The TH-A Series features a sealed labyrinth structure as standard. Piping positions are flexible, and may easily be changed by the end-user. And because two harnesses are in the robot arm, it is easy to replace them. Other features of the TH-A Series include lower profiles, reduced noise levels and easy maintenance.
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