Canada-based TC Transcontinental joins the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy Global Commitment

TC Transcontinental is pledging, by 2025, for 100% of its plastic packaging to be reusable, recyclable, or compostable and to achieve a 10% use of post-consumer recycled content on average by weight across all plastics in its products.

Additionally, it commits to collaborating towards increasing reuse, recycling, and composting rates for plastic in the communities where it operates.

Ever since TC Transcontinental adopted its first environmental policy in 1993, it has demonstrated proven leadership in conducting its business responsibly. Throughout its transformation and steadfast growth in packaging, TC Transcontinental remains driven by its unwavering commitment towards sustainability. “We want to leave behind the legacy of a responsible corporate citizen, mindful of how today’s decisions will impact our collective tomorrow,” explains François Olivier, TC Transcontinental’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “We look forward to inspire change by pioneering the development of sustainable products and driving innovation to support our customers in their own sustainability journey. By joining the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s commitment, we are furthering our corporate social responsibility leadership to ensure that plastic is effectively managed from sourcing to end of life.”

Uniting organizations worldwide sharing a common vision of a circular economy for plastics, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation is a global thought leader establishing the circular economy on the agenda of decision-makers across business, government and academia. Sander Defruyt, Lead of the New Plastics Economy initiative at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation says: “We are delighted to welcome TC Transcontinental to the growing network of businesses and governments around the world committed to making plastic waste and pollution a thing of the past. By signing the Global Commitment, TC Transcontinental can help us find the solutions towards a circular economy for plastics.”

For her part, Magali Depras, TC Transcontinental’s Chief Strategy Officer, says: “Integrated into the mandate of our Corporate Governance Committee, TC Transcontinental’s social responsibility priorities will continue to align with our business strategy. With our three-year Corporate Social Responsibility plans presenting quantifiable targets, coupled with our 2025 pledge to the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, we are poised and determined to make strides towards a circular economy benefiting not only our industry as a whole, but also the communities in which we operate.”

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