Bunting offers comprehensive protection plans and coverage

Bunting® Magnetics Co’s. protection plans offer three options designed to provide specific services to optimize the performance and lifespan of metal detection equipment.

Bunting's three options are:

Pro-Start™ commissioning coverage ensures that a metal detector performs to company expectations from its first day on the job. A factory-trained service technician will be on-site to guide verification of the installation, calibrate the metal detector to achieve top performance, and train personnel. Pro-Start includes a calibration label for the metal detector, a detailed calibration record for company files, and a complimentary set of test spheres or sticks. It also extends the original one-year factory warranty to two years and includes two full years of phone-based technical support.

Pro-Maintenance™ keeps the metal detector operating like new, which is critical, considering the impact of poor performance on customer satisfaction and other consequences. It provides either annual (Gold Plan) or biannual (Platinum Plan) visits by factory-trained service technicians to service and calibrate the metal detector and ensure the system is running the latest, most accurate software. The Pro-Maintenance plan also includes significant parts and labor discounts on any needed repair work, on-site training for personnel and two years of phone-based technical support.

Pro-Warranty™ extends the factory-authorized warranty coverage up to five years from the installation date. It must be ordered at the same time as the new Bunting metal detector and must include a Pro-Start plan. It is available in one-year increments on top of the initial one-year warranty, with a maximum of five total years of coverage. This cost-effective coverage includes all repair parts and labor when an on-site visit is required.

Pro-Warranty also includes the latest software updates, expedited spare parts shipment and no-cost, phone-based technical support for the duration of the warranty period. The plan is cost-effective, too, considering that coverage is about half the cost of one replacement board.

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