Sonics & Materials awarded patent for new ultrasonic technology

Sonics & Materials, Inc., will demonstrate its new patented technology for creating hermetic seals across multi-layer gussets at PACK EXPO International.

Gusset Sealing Breakthrough

Sonics’ new gusset cross sealing technology enables ultrasonic sealing across multiple and varying layers of film. The seals produced provide nearly double the vacuum test performance of current industry standard heat seal components.

Ultrasonic sealing has become well known in the packaging world for delivering the most consistent and reliable hermetic seals possible, especially when there is a risk of product contamination in the seal area. Previously, these benefits could only be applied to pillow bags and pouch top seals where primarily two layers of film are present.

Sealing across the multiple layers of film present in gussets will enable ultrasonic technology to be utilized in completely new applications, such as gusset bag cross seals and even stand-up pouch side seals. Highly reliable hermetic ultrasonic seals in these applications will result in enhanced shelf life of countless foods and consumer products. The new technology has even proven to be successful sealing across the side gusset and simultaneously crushing the integral zipper without any special tooling modification.

Visit Sonics in booth N-5931 to see this new technology in action.

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