Transparent soup container denotes freshness, wellness

To address a trend toward wholesome, healthy food, this polypropylene container from Berry Plastics turns to transparency.

Pw 310622 Berry Pic

Berry Plastics used its PACK EXPO booth (S-7233) to focus on three pillars of a theme entitled “the Power of Good: Be Good, Feel Good, and Do Good.” In particular, the “Be Good” pillar reflected consumer’s strong connection to wellness. As this relates to food and diet, Berry related that consumers associate freshness and wholesomeness with ability to see the food through the packaging, or packaging clarity.

To address this, the company offers a whole line of clear containers, the latest of which is a new product for Kraft Heinz Co. Under the Oprah brand of soups, Berry demonstrated a stock polypropylene container with an in-mould label that provides content clarity when filled. The company says this instills in consumers a perception of freshness and wholesomeness.

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