Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery contest: Award for the oldest operating Spee-Dee filler

Spee-Dee is looking for the oldest Spee-Dee filler currently in operation, and will award $1,000 in Spee-Dee parts, service, or machinery credit for that filler.

Pw 53572 Speedee 0

The first Spee-Dee filler shipped in 1946. Since then Spee-Dee has built over 7,000 fillers. Many of the fillers built in the 60′s and 70′s are still running today. The company is on a mission to find the oldest Spee-Dee that’s currently running.

Spee-Dee wants to hear stories from their customers about their fillers, what they’re filling with them, and how they’ve worked over the years. If you have a machine you think might fit this description, contact Spee-Dee at 877/375-2121 or visit Spee-Dee's Contest page and complete the contest entry form at www.spee-dee.com/site-map/contest.


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