Top-sealing taper

The new ABC Packaging Model 136 tape sealer offers a compact, 6'L size at a low price.

Pw 9234 E Abc Pkg

Stainless-steel, box-style construction processes 25 cases/min and offers electrically interlocked sliding doors to provide complete protection, high visibility, and easy access. Powered side-belt case drive and contoured cast aluminum outer flap folders ensure square cases. Changeover is accomplished quickly using 3 manual hand cranks. Accommodates cases ranging from 8”L x 6”W x 5 ¼”H to 24”L x16”W x 17”H and features a standard 15” case infeed elevation,
+/- 2” adjustable and self-leveling footpads.

Phone: 800/237-5975

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