ISRA VISION: Quality Assurance and Process Optimization With Optical 100% Inspection Puts the Packaging Industry Ahead of the Competition

Optimum productivity, minimum rejection rates and maximum quality are the most important criteria for companies who want to succeed in an ever increasing competitive environment.

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The technological leader among suppliers of inspection solutions, ISRA VISION provides a product portfolio that is tailored exactly to the requirements of the packaging industry. The portfolio ensures 100% quality assurance and allows sustainable process optimization. ISRA VISION's wide range of innovations plays a crucial role in the digital transformation of the packaging industry and will be showcased at drupa 2016.

The competitive environment in the packaging industry is characterized by tight margins, falling prices and high demands on quality -and all this as the technical processes become increasingly complex and sophisticated. Even the tiniest of deviations or defects in a processing step can have an impact on the result of the entire process chain.

With its product portfolio, ISRA VISION guarantees optimum productivity, minimum rejection rates and maximum quality for all the requirements of the packaging industry. The systems conduct all inspection tasks for surface and printing inspection and guarantee seamless monitoring of the printed image. ISRA systems can be used for all processes like rolls, sheets, blanks and single use, for all printing processes such as gravure, offset, flexo and digital, on all substrate materials, for example film, paper, card and metal, and for special applications including flexible circuit boards and RFID. Supported by optional software modules, the smart inspection systems make technological expertise available in production, noticeably enhancing efficiency.

The high-performance optical 100% inline systems for surface inspection include the following: PrintSTAR -This system offers major advantages, not least of all for roll-to-roll printing in flexible, pharmaceutical and consumer packaging. The inspection systems ProofSTAR and BlankSTAR are used to inspect patient information leaflets and print pharmaceutical and consumer packaging. BlankSTAR is a technical solution for inspecting folding boxes at production speed. CoatSTAR and DecoSTAR assure the quality of the coating and printing result in the cost-intensive metal decoration process. Inspecting labels and narrow-web printing is covered by NarrowSTAR. ViewSTAR provides high-resolution image quality to support the printer during set-up and ongoing printing. The inline color measuring system, ColorSTAR guarantees the highest color fidelity. CartonSTAR is the ideal solution for inspecting card products. The inspection solution, DigiSTAR is designed for the specific requirements of digital printing, such as in the pharmaceuticals sector.

This wide variety of technical solutions is unique on the market and allows all quality-related defects for printed sheets, webs, labels, metal, printed flexible packaging, paper, card and folding boxes to be identified reliably. The systems ensure optimum quality at every stage of the entire process chain and ensure the highest level of salable production.

Reliable early identification of systematic errors minimizes material consumption by reducing or completely preventing waste, thus increasing profit. Nothing is left to chance. Multi-level classification increases output, as alarms are only sounded for relevant defects.

Systematic analysis of production data using the EPROMI modules continuously improves the production processes and customer satisfaction. The analysis tools enable smart factory solutions and are vital to the digital transformation in the printing industry. Smart workflows optimize the printing processes significantly. Knowledge is generated from the quality data. The systems increase efficiency and maximize the availability of the production machines.

ISRA's systems have already proved successful in countless plants installed worldwide -thanks to the huge experience and high level of technological expertise the global market leader for surface inspection offers.

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