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GretagMacbeth (www.gretagmacbeth.com) and SpecialChem (www.specialchem.com) have joined together to offer on-line services in color management and color communication at matchmycolor.com.

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A new Web site designed for formulators, converters, brand owners, printers, designers, packaging technologists, and engineers has found a home on the Internet at matchmycolor.com. This service-based color management platform is managed by SpecialChem. It accelerates color development while reducing costs, the company says.

The site offers real-time Color Feasibility checking and Colormatching, technical support from an industrial application expert, and color sampling of engineered prototypes. It targets the entire color value chain, from OEM brands to designers, formulators, and converters.

For a fee, users can even order a colored physical sample to send to suppliers, production, or marketing as an exact reference—to help figure out real color—for plastics, paints and coatings, or inks and graphic arts. According to the site creators, it allows for a unified design for both main product and product support pieces, such as marketing and promotional items.

What used to take up to two weeks can now be finished in 30 min. Designers know immediately if color is feasible, thus cutting development time. For color communication, this feature can make client or marketing validation faster by reducing the number of exchanges between customers and suppliers and reducing color communication errors.

The partnership between the two companies allows users to more effectively choose color standards with GretagMacbeth’s Munsell Catalog, in order to check their feasibility or get recipes to achieve them on different applications.

“matchmycolor.com is proud to embark on this collaboration with GretagMacbeth,” says Christophe Cabarry, founder and COO of SpecialChem S.A. “Furthermore, we’re convinced that the services developed with GretagMacbeth match with our aim of offering a one-stop-shop to help the global community of color professionals ease and accelerate their color developments.”

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