Sun Chemical forms security solutions business unit

Sun Chemical has formed Sun Chemical Security, a new global business unit that will provide a range of products used to print packages, documents, and currency that incorporate security measures.

John Luppino, general manager, will lead the unit.

“Counterfeiting, theft and diversions have an enormous impact on the economy,” Luppino says. “What the public sees is only the tip of the iceberg. Officials at the first Global Congress on Combating Counterfeiting held in Brussels this year put annual worldwide losses at more than $500 billion. Some companies may not even realize that stagnant growth or dips in sales could be due largely to counterfeiting and piracy. Counterfeiting also presents a significant safety issue, especially for items like pharmaceuticals and beverages that may come from unknown international sources.”

Sun Chemical divides the security market into three distinct segments:

On Product” Brand Protection. Highlighting Sun Chemical’s offerings is a set of inks which can be used to print unique invisible codes for Track and Trace. Other technologies include customized taggants for machine-readable verification. Sun Chemical also offers an array of overt printable solutions. This range of technologies can be used in concert to provide a layered approach to product protection.

Forensic. Exciting new technology that can provide rapid authentication of the actual product without the use of taggants or markers. This technology “fingerprints” raw materials, and can also be used to ensure quality and manufacturing source without adulterating the product.

Currency. Primarily intaglio inks, as well as varnish and overt features designed to prevent counterfeiting.

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