Simply dazzling holo redesign

A major repackaging for Simple Green® products, set for mid-November introduction, centers on eye-catching holographic labels affixed to new PET containers.

The look of a 25-year-old product is changing. Simple Green, Huntington Harbour, CA, a div. of Sunshine Makers Inc., the makers of Simple Green® all-purpose, nontoxic cleaner/degreaser, is changing its packaging and graphics for several products. The redesign was unveiled at the National Hardware Show in August (see Packaging World, October 2000, page 30).

The company’s flagship product, Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner, is converting from high-density polyethylene bottles with metallized paper labels to what the company refers to as “environmentally correct” polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and holographic labels. Additionally, the product sports a new trigger design for ease of use with optional foaming setting. The holographic labels appear on the following sizes of bottles: 4, 16, 24, 32, 40 and 67 oz.

First in category

The company claims it is the first all-purpose cleaner to don a holographic label design. The new design is expected to appear on shelves starting in mid-November.

The company declines to identify any of its packaging materials suppliers or specifications at this time.

Simple Green creative director Michael Brower tells, “We wanted to print on holographic stock to attract the most attention while on store shelves. We found in a store environment under normal (florescent lighting) conditions, that as consumers walk down the aisle, the label will actually have a range of color variations, thus attracting their attention." Brower was assisted in the redesign by art director Russ Scott.

The company wanted the label and ergonomic packaging to reflect the feedback they had received from consumer letters and suggestions over the years. Brower describes the ergonomic improvement as “the new shape of the bottle for [hand] fit and ease of use.”

Other products, too

An approach similar to the flagship product was also used for Simple Green Lime Scale Remover, available in a 4-oz sample size and in a 32-oz retail size.

For Simple Green’s Antibacterial product, a coated paper label was replaced by a holographic label. The product is sold in a 4-oz sample size as well as a 32-oz retail size.

Additionally, Simple Green BBQ, Grill & Microwave Cleaner, previously in a 12-oz litho-printed aerosol can, is now in a new size, 20 oz, with a roll-fed, oriented polypropylene label.

Brower says the BBQ label is printed through an exclusive process whereby the letters and background images take on a 3-D quality. “This is the first time this process has been used in a retail environment,” he states, although he declines to provide further details.

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