Robots prove their mettle

Enabling greater product consistency and quality, kicking up line speeds, saving costs, and eliminating previously tedious—and risky—tasks, robots are worth the investment for these seven packagers.

Installing a robot for the first time in a packaging plant can be daunting. As with every new endeavor, there is a fear of the unknown: Will it be too complex to operate? Will it work with my products? What if it doesn’t operate properly? And—one of the biggest what ifs—what if it results in a poor ROI?

Part II of Packaging World’s Special Report on Robotics & Automation features stories from seven packaging companies that made the leap—several for the first time—into robotic automation. Their businesses vary widely: haircare products, milled corn, frozen treats, and butter are just some. But as all attest, after doing their due diligence by selecting the best fit of supplier and machines for their needs and taking the plunge, they found the risk paid off handsomely. In most cases, not only did the robots address their initial concerns, but also brought unexpected benefits as well.

RRPs for candy pouches require robotic case packing

Robot moves the case, not the product, for gentle handling

Better butter palletizing

Cobot relieves operators of tedious task

Icy, sweet treats case-packed at 300 cups/min

New bagging line brings worker safety, more business

Unilever Dubai meets end-of-line challenges with automation


Read four more stories in Part I of the Special Report, titled, “Robots more vital than ever.”

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