Design for new odor-eliminating product

Reckitt Benckiser called on LAM Design to help design the packaging for its new Neutra Air line of Lysol air treatment products for the home designed to eliminate odors in the air caused by germs.

Pw 12752 Neautra Air

The positioning of this product required that the packaging graphics help consumers identify it as an “odor-eliminating” product backed by the Lysol brand. Designers created a vertical logo to provide a highly visible on-shelf presence with a powerful billboard effect. It was designed to take advantage of the aerosol can’s full height and differentiate it from the competition. The white color palette represents the sanitary attributes of the product and effectively presents the fragrance images. Photographic compositions of fruit and flowers decorate the citrus and floral scented cans, while soft clouds contrast against the can’s overall white background, conveying a clean and healthy image to consumers. Neutra Air is currently available in stores throughout the country.

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