How the survey is conducted

Shelf Impact! and Dragon Rouge have been conducting a survey on recent package innovations and reporting on the findings each quarter since the beginning of 2009.

The survey invited readers to evaluate a sample of 15 package innovations around the following criteria:

• The product concept’s ability to provoke new ways of thinking about a category.

• The product structure’s ability to present new ways of interacting with a product type.

• The package graphics’ innovative cues that help bring the product positioning to life.

• The package’s use of innovative materials.

• The relative effectiveness of the packaging production process.

Results are then used to assign a score to each package. The scores aren’t an assessment of whether packages are innovative, but rather reflect the ratings of the packages relative to each other. The survey’s objective is to establish key metrics that measure the success of new ideas and product launches as they pertain to package design and innovation, and also to uncover trends in design innovation.

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