How to get two, three times more at retail for your product

The trick is to be a good storyteller, and the label offers prime ‘real estate’ for presenting your brand in a way that sets it apart on shelf.

Storytelling is widely acknowledged, in theory, as being an essential part of package design. In practice, however, too few brands are doing it.

A good story not only supports a brand, but also makes it “ownable” in the shopper’s mind, apart from every other product on the shelf. It lends context, meaning and, in the best cases, even a little “attitude” to a brand.

Labels are the ideal packaging “real estate” on which to present storytelling. As the Lightning Labels Blog points out, the right story can take elevate an ordinary product above of the realm commodity and into the world of premium brand. The blog gives great advice to take a look in the wine and spirits aisles for a variety of examples of how this tactic can work successfully.

In those aisles, a clever label design enables some brands to sell for two to three times or more than so-called “budget” brands.

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