Beer Cans' Premium Foil Lidding Adds Billboard Space While Appealing to Post-COVID Consumer

Romanian lager Albacher doesn't mention the pandemic specifically, but the timing of its new foil lidding, which adds billboard space and ensures a clean beer can surface, is fortuitous considering an increasingly safety-conscious consumer base.

Albacher Can Lid Label

Premium lager brewer Albacher says it’s the first beer in Romania to employ an aluminum foil can lid label to ensure that their beer is perfectly clean when the consumer reaches for it in a retail setting, or even in their own refrigerator at home. The hygienic lid keeps the top of the can clean, protecting from dust and germs. Consumers can be sure to enjoy their beer with maximum safety and hygiene.

Though the company didn’t mention or address the recent global pandemic specifically, there’s little doubt that consumers around the globe will be, at minimum, cognizant of packaging surfaces in retail settings. This foil lidding feature is a physical barrier sealing off the surface intended for consumers to drink from until the moment of consumption. Albacher parent company Romaqua Group, located in Romania, tapped American label supplier Multi-Color Corp. to add the lidding label feature.

“Romaqua Group and Multi-Color Corporation have been business partners since 2008 when we launched Albacher beer and we opened the beer plant in Lancrăm, Romania. The green-field project and the eagerness to produce a premium beer in one of the most modern breweries in the world, inevitably has led to our purpose to also have reliable and highly professional partners,” says Mihaela Draghici, PR Director, Romaqua Group. “Moreover, wanting to be innovative on the beer market but also out of respect for consumers, since 2008, we have chosen to use a protection foil on the top of the can, an aluminum lid which guarantees the integrity of the product. Multi-Color Corporation has brought the best solution, the one we are still using today and which is highly appreciated by our consumers. We have had a beautiful and efficient partnership for over 12 years, we are glad to have such long-term partners because successful business can only be run with trustworthy partners, the ones you can rely on and can constantly provide the same quality product.”

The lidding material is pure monolayer aluminum foil with no additional functional lamination, making it easily recyclable. The lids are printed via rotogravure and delivered to the brewer pre-die stamped and ready to apply via an in-line addition to the brewery’s automated filling line.

Beyond the protective quality, the lidding provides, premium visual enhancement that brings additional advertising space. It also allows for the flexible support of advertising campaigns, promotions, special events, re-launches, and more. 

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