Chevron Seals

Harpak-ULMA introduces chevron seals with peelable side seals for flow-wrapping applications, specifically medical device packaging.

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Seals make cost-effective flow wrapping a feasible alternative for dimensional, larger, or bulky disposable products that require a strong, but easy-to-open seal.

Aseptic presentation is the single most important limitation of employing flow-wrapping for medical devices. Flow-wrapping is widely viewed as one of the most cost-effective methods for packaging high-profile products. However, in medical device applications it is more commonly applied to products where the product sterility of the outside of the product is not essential. For example, with flow-wrapping of infusion bags or IV sets, the fluid path is sterile and preserved by the device itself. It is also used in kits, where one or more devices are contained in an inner wrap that provides an adequate sterile barrier. Chevron sealing is ideally suited to dimensional, larger, or bulky disposable products, as they can challenge seal integrity on all four package sides. This capability is particularly important given recently updated ISO11607 guidelines that emphasize point of use aseptic presentation of terminally sterilized medical devices. The ISO updates were primarily to help manufacturers comply with EU Medical Device Regulations set to go into effect this year.

“Harpak-ULMA is committed to continuous innovation across all of our packaging platforms. We expect that introducing chevron seal capabilities in our flow wrapping solutions will be well-received by medical device customers seeking affordable, compliant packaging options,” said Kevin Roach, Harpak-ULMA CEO.

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