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Tchibo Coffee Debuts in The U.S. with Unique Package Features

Seventy-year old European coffeehouse brews up fresh experience in eight Midwest markets.

Whole Bean Coffees

Tchibo (CHEE-bo) coffee makes its U.S. debut this fall. Distributed by Rainmaker Food Solution, Tchibo will be available at a broad selection of retailers in eight target Midwest markets (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri and Wisconsin).

The Tchibo Difference: Aroma ProtectTM

Tchibo’s sleek gold packaging is engineered with a patented Aroma Protect TechnologyTM, which removes over 99% of the oxygen from the beans during packaging, maintaining the original roasted flavor and aroma.

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While the coffee is presented in a standard foil/plastic side gusseted bag, a one-way valve moderates the ideal conditions for fresh coffee, removing the gas and moisture while preventing air from entering. By protecting the coffee from oxygen, it stays fresher longer.

Ground coffee one-way filterGround coffee one-way filter

In the whole bean bags, the sealed pouch comes with a plastic spout similar to those used on liquid cartons, and a screw cap with fine grip ridges around the sides and an auto-break tamper band at the base. Opening the cap pushes an internal section downward, cutting into the bag and breaking the seal. The resealable cap locks out oxygen, helping to prolong the coffee’s freshness.Whole bean coffee screw capWhole bean coffee screw cap


Tchibo is a proponent of sustainable practices and is one of the leading drivers in sustainable coffee initiatives and fairness standards. With global headquarters in Hamburg, the family-owned business has been recognized with multiple awards for its sustainable, fair-trade practices, including the award for Corporate Ethics and the Environmental Logistics Award and the European Union’s CSR Award. In 2016, Tchibo was awarded Germany’s most sustainable major enterprise. The company said it is committed to protecting the future of coffee, the environment, biodiversity, water resources, and workers safety and rights. Thomas Linemayr, Chief Executive Officer, also said, “Tchibo is bringing a cleaner, more sustainable and fresher coffee experience to the U.S.” Ground Coffees

“As the pandemic continues to impact coffee behavior and consumption, consumers are looking for a brand to trust, one providing a reliable, authentic experience from the comfort of home. With a strategic commitment to building and delivering a strong foundation of differentiated product, services and solutions, the time is right to bring the Tchibo experience to the U.S. and get the first batches brewed in these new markets,” added Linemayr.

Available in ground or whole beans and in an assortment of sizes and formats, Tchibo will launch with a selection of coffees, ranging in price from $9.99 to $17.49.

Prior to a full-phased national roll-out, Tchibo will be piloted at a cross section of diverse retailers throughout Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri and Wisconsin.

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