Managing language complexity a pharmaceutical packaging challenge

Research by artwork management firms points to text and regulatory challenges in labeling and packaging for different countries.

Kallik study
Kallik study

Research conducted at the 2nd Annual Pharma Packaging and Labelling Compliance Conference in Rome showed that one of the major packaging issues faced by pharmaceutical companies is complying with different regulations for different countries. This is compounded by the need to use text in different languages, which 56% of research respondents felt was the most critical element in the packaging and labeling process.

The research was completed by Kallik, Global Vision, and AMD Electronic. Among the issues faced in the artwork management process:  “Too many approval cycles before final sign-off,” cited by- 41% of respondents. And 38% said that tracking and controlling different versions of approved or rejected artwork was their major issue.

The feedback regarding artwork management solutions was positive, with almost 70% of respondents stating that an automated artwork management system would provide a fast and easy way to manage change requests from different markets.

Neil Gleghorn, CEO of Kallik, a supplier of automated artwork, said: “The management of labeling and packaging in multi languages is inherently complex, but the introduction of automated artwork management enables effective organization of phrases and translations to dramatically improve efficiency and aid compliance. This drive to increase automation is clear as there is a need for greater agility when making changes to artwork to meet different regulatory requirements.”

Article provided by Kallik Ltd.


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