Teknor Color Company: Color concentrates for PET

Teknor Color Company’s PETek™ color system is now available not just as the original minibead product, but in new alternative forms that provide the same clarity and color uniformity for PET.

Additions include 2 standard-sized beads and pellet series based on the same carrier-resin as in the minibeads, plus a traditional concentrate series based on a standard PET-resin carrier. Like the minibeads, the new concentrates can be used for the full spectrum of film, sheet, bottles, and other molded products. The Large Bead Series contains the same carrier system as minibeads, but melt later in the barrel to avoid screw slippage. The Modified Series is a modified version carrier, which reduces screw slippage and may be used at very high loadings for applications requiring high opacity. The Traditional Series concentrates have a standard PET carrier resin and are recommended for prevention of premature melting when there is little or no provision for cooling at the throat of the processing machine.

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