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Pressure Controls

Clippard’s Cordis HP500 pressure controls use a microcontroller, integrated pressure sensor, and two Clippard EV electronic valves. Pressure ranges of 0 to 500 psig are available.

Clippard Cordis Chp Pressure Controls

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The inlet valve is connected to the moderately regulated supply pressure and the exhaust valve is connected to a port that vents excess pressure to atmosphere. Once a command is increased, the inlet valve opens up to allow supply pressure to pass over the sensor element which provides an active feedback for the micro-controller to satisfy the set point in the process. If at any point the sensor detects a value higher than the set point, the exhaust valve will modulate open to vent off the excess pressure to maintain a stable and accurate control pressure in the process.

Clippard’s Cordis HP500 pressure controls are adaptable to a variety of sensors that can close the loop around pressure.

Features include:

• Smooth linear control

• Integrated internal or external sensor feedback

• Customizable pressure ranges and mounting options

• Proudly made in the USA.  ISO 9001

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