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New WPO Position Papers

The World Packaging Organization (WPO) has launched three new Position Papers as part of the activities of the Education Committee.

The new Papers are about Packaging and Sustainability, Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), and Packaging competitions and awards. They can be downloaded for free.

“These publications are the result of the expertise and effort of Board members and aim to help the market, specially developing countries and regions, to get good and updated information about what is going on in the packaging universe,” states Keith Pearson, WPO President.

The details about the new Position Papers are:

Packaging – An Important Tool for A Sustainable Society. Society demands, without really knowing it, that Packaging Professionals “get it right.’” Efficient and effective use of resources in packaging is essential to Society’s aim to become more Sustainable. The World Packaging Organization is committed to continuing to bring together many of the great minds within the Packaging Community as we work toward our goal of “Better Quality Of Life Through Better Packaging For More People.”   

The Role and Importance of Packaging Competitions and Awards. There are several issues that this position paper seeks to explore. First, what is the purpose of such schemes, secondly, what is the difference between an awards scheme and a competition, and finally, why is it so important that there be integrity, openness, and transparency in the organization of competitions and awards. 

LCA – Life Cycle Assessment .In the environmental area one of the most important tools is Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), and a successful attempt to combine different dimensions has been made through Eco Efficiency methodology, where Financial and Environmental aspects have been incorporated.   
Founded in 1968 on the occasion of the second Japanese International Packaging Exhibition, the World Packaging Organization is made up today of member organizations from 42 countries. Many members are packaging institutes; other significant members are national or regional trade organizations that promote their countries’ packaging products. In recent years, WPO has focused on packaging in developing nations.
With headquarters in Stockholm (Sweden) the entity promotes projects and actions aligned to its main slogan “Better Quality of Life Through Better Packaging for More People.” With that mission in mind, WPO encourages the development of packaging technology, science and engineering; stimulation of international trade; and the advancement of packaging education and training. The President, Keith Pearson, is based in South Africa.

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