Orbis Named 2020 Inbound Logistics Green Supply Chain Partner

Orbis Corp. was named an Inbound Logistics 2020 G75 Green Supply Chain Partner.

Orbis Plastic Material

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Orbis is a recipient due to its wide range of reusable packaging for use along the supply chain—such as pallets, totes, racks, containers, dunnage, and bulk systems — and multiple service offerings that help customers measure and reduce their overall environmental impact.

A key differentiator is Orbis’ Environmental Analysis service, which compares reusable packaging against single-use or expendable packaging to drive supply chain sustainability, operational efficiency and cost savings. This capability allows ORBIS to help leading companies measure and compare the environmental impact of their packaging options in the areas of energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions and solid waste.

Another significant initiative for Orbis is its continued development and use of sustainable and recycled materials in their products, including post-consumer, post-industrial plastic waste and, most recently, diverted plastic coastline waste. This plastic waste found near coastlines is recovered, recycled and repurposed with the ocean in mind. This new material enables Orbis to contribute to natural resource conservation and community betterment. Additionally, Orbis’ traditional comprehensive recycling program recovers and reprocesses customers’ obsolete and surplus plastic packaging into new products, further reducing waste.

“We thank Inbound Logistics for recognizing the sustainable and environmental impact our products, services and materials have on the supply chain,” said Breanna Herbert, associate product manager and sustainability lead at Orbis Corp. “With a strong eye on the circular economy model, we will continue prioritizing ways to help our customers measure and reduce their environmental impact, while bringing more sustainable innovations to market.”

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