Edson debuts delta robot case packer

Sustainability will drive flexible packaging usage to higher levels than ever.  That’s good news for customers of Edson Packaging Machinery.

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With over 40 years of case packing experience, Edson thoroughly understands difficult to handle packs.  Now they’ve applied that knowledge to a new robotic case packing system that debuted at PACK EXPO.

Edson already offers a line of proven top load, gantry-style robotic case packers that provide fast, gentle handling of flexible and rigid products ranging from personal care to frozen foods.

What makes the new Edson RPd 270 different is its compact, modular, high speed, highly flexible 2-axis delta mechatronic design using Schneider Electric’s ELAU packaging solutions.

The new delta robot differs visibly from most case packers with a sleek, uncluttered work envelope that holds several practical advantages.  It’s easy to sanitize and clean out, is fully enclosed for clean room operation, and provides the hallmark mechanical simplicity of a true mechatronic design.  A stainless steel version is also available.

To optimize performance, Edson has combined ELAU’s purpose-built robotic, automation and servo module technologies with a complete Schneider Electric electrical panel and HMI,  and their own vast application knowledge.

General automation suppliers have announced robot control capabilities, but due to their underlying architecture they are unable to process fast enough to compete with proprietary robot controls.  To deliver the promised performance, therefore, Edson offers its robotic case packer only as an ELAU-enabled system.

The 2-axis delta concept offers the reach, payload and efficiency needed for case packing, compared to articulated robots or 3-axis delta pick-and-place robots.


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