MARQ Packaging: Top and bottom sealer

MARQ's High-Performance Adjustable Top and Bottom Sealer uses hot-melt glue to seal the cases, provides seven feet of compression, and has the controls housed on a slim pedestal rather than directly attached to the machine.

Pw 6881 Webmarq
This machine was requested by a satisfied returning customer, and is an example of MARQ Packaging Systems ability to build a machine entirely to the customer’s specifications. These specifications include the stack beacon with the customer’s preferred colors, electrical and pneumatic lockout capabilities, an alpha-numeric character program for PLC input and output, and a pressure switch that automatically shuts off if the air pressure is too low to properly run a case. Five photo-eyes help to increase the accuracy of each box that gets sealed, and the PLC to control the machine can be installed on-site by the customer. Clear Lexan guarding allows the operator to see inside the machine while providing a safety wall between the operator and the machine’s working parts. Extended guarding around the powered discharge roller prevents the operator from getting too close to the machine’s moving parts. The white powder-coated finish gives this case sealer a fresh, clean appearance.
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