EZ-Tek Industries Inc: Stainless steel case taper

EZ-Tek‘s stainless steel BB-2/S case taper for top and bottom case taping is designed for large run case sealing in a wash down environment.

Pw 7396 Webeztek
BB-2/S utilizes pressure-sensitive tape and features self-centering side rails, a single drive motor, rugged bottom belt drive, and heavy-duty mast that easily adjusts to handle a variety of case sizes. BB-2/S handles case changes ranging from 4.5˝ to infinite box length. BB-2/S is also able to seal cases ranging from 4˝ to 22.5˝ in width, as well as 3.5˝ to 25.5˝ in depth. Adjustments are made on the fly with easy hand tighten knobs on a single mast design. BB-2/S top and bottom tape heads are interchangeable and tip back for easy threading. No air is required to run the BB-2/S taping system so it can be placed anywhere in the factory. Each case-taping machine is built from 10-gauge stainless steel and is equipped with a NEMA 4 approved motor and electronics to operate in wash down conditions.

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