Orion Packaging Systems: Orion Packaging Systems: Semi-automatic stretch wrappers

Orion has introduced the first 2 models of its new Flex Series semi-automatic turntable stretch-wrapping machines, the Flex HPD (High Profile Deluxe) and Flex LPD (Low Profile Deluxe).

Pw 7621 E Orion

Both models feature 5,000-lb load capacity, 14-rpm turntable, high-performance, 260% film delivery, and electronic film tension control. For enhanced ease-of-use, models also provide a PLC controller with a digital HMI, low-maintenance AC motors, a “drop lock” safety system, a height-sensing photoeye, forklift portability from front and rear, and easy, drop-in stretch-film loading. A structural steel base provides years of durable service and reliability. Available options include extended mast, extended base, 30” film carriage, scale package, film roping, and prestretch rates to 350%.

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