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Orion Packaging Systems

Alexandria, MN 56308

Company Overview

Orion manufactures stretch wrapping machines that are easy to use and built to last. With a wide product offering, Orion offers a stretch wrapper for every type of load, making sure your products get safely from your door to the customer every time.

Semi-automatic and fully automatic stretch wrapping and roping for pallets and other unique applications.

Leaders in Packaging
Years in business:32
Number of employees:150
Geographic sales distribution:North, Central & south America
Sales Channel:Direct, Distributors

Three year warranty on parts, five year warranty on structure

Service, support & spare parts:

As a part of Pro Mach, Orion adheres to ProCustomer®, our pledge to provide you the highest level customer service and aftermarket support in the packaging industry. For more information see


Factory authorized Orion distributors are trained on a regular basis to insure they have the knowledge and expertise to install, train and maintain Orion equipment.

4750 County Rd 13 NE
Alexandria, MN 56308
United States

For over 30 years Orion has been in the business of protecting customers’ products and assuring their loads are safe and secure during the journey to market. As the leader in heavy-duty industrial stretch wrapping technology, our goal is to provide the highest quality stretch wrapping solutions in the industry.

Orion offers the most comprehensive line of stretch wrapping pallet packaging products including semi-automatic, stand-alone, fully/in line automatic stretch wrapping and pallet unitizing machinery. Machines are built in the USA and come with a commitment to customer support backed by a nationwide network of trained channel partners and after hours USA parts availability.


Orion stretch wrapping solutions provide maximum load containment to keep products safe at the lowest cost per load and lowest cost of ownership. We are an industry leader known for developing the most advanced pre-stretch film delivery systems. Our delivery systems stretch film up to 260% of the original length, wrapping 2.6 times as many pallets using the same amount of film. Other proprietary technologies inside the carriage eliminate film slippage during film delivery, and ensure that each load is wrapped with the exact amount of programmed wraps.

Orion dominates at efficiently and effectively using every inch of stretch film, with a complete selection of both semi- and fully automatic stretchwrapper models in three styles:

Turntable stretch wrappers for standard load types. High profile models are best for forklift loading, while low profile models are easily loaded via electric walkie or forklift.

Rotary Tower stretch wrapping machines for difficult load types, because the load sits directly on the floor and does not move during the stretchwrap process.

Orbital stretch wrappers in numerous ring sizes and are ideal for long product loads that can not be wrapped on a conventional stretch wrapper.

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Key Contact
Pat Pownall
VP Sales, Distributed Products