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The Mini-System combines an automatic stretch wrapper from Orion Packaging Systems (Collierville, TN) and a robotic palletizer from Brenton Engineering (Alexandria, MN).

Pw 16403 Orion

Orion and Brenton are both Pro Mach Group (Atlanta, GA) operating partners.

The all-in-one stretch-wrapping system combines material handling and packaging operations. Mini-System is an end-of-the line packaging solution designed to handle various product types, sizes, and weights and can be programmed to accommodate different stacking patterns.

The M-410i electric servo-driven, 4-axis palletizer is offered in 3 standard models for payloads to 880 lb and axis speeds to 300?/sec. Wrapper is said to provide a 5ꯠ-lb load capacity and powered prestretch film delivery. Features include an integrated mechanical and control unit.

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