JLS Automation: MAP packaging system

See it at PACK EXPO International, Booth N-5342! JLS Automation will showcase its MAP packaging system featuring end-of-arm-tooling combined with a hygienic pick-and-place robot that eliminates manual loading into primary packaging. It is designed for automatic loading of fresh bread into gas flushed packages to extend the shelf life.

MAP packaging system
MAP packaging system

Unlike traditional solutions that require loaves of organic or multi-grain bread to be manually loaded into a thermoformer, JLS is offering an automated solution. The new system for fresh, MAP bread packaging comprises the company’s Talon® robotic pick-and-place system and a new robotic end-of-arm-tool. Together, the system loads full sliced loaves into a thermoformer for MAP packaging. A conveyor with special guides ensures the sliced loaves are handled gently and presented to the Talon efficiently and intact.

“The demand for artisan, high-quality bread is a growing trend in the U.S.,” said Craig Souser, JLS President and CEO. “The majority of breads in Europe and Australia are offered in MAP packaging. Because of the desire for extended shelf life with no preservatives associated with the product and increased demand in the U.S., this new tool and capability now fills a need for higher end product producers.”

The Talon is designed with the highest level of sanitation for food packaging and features four levels of sanitary construction, pick belts with a motorized roller, conveyor stand-offs that help prevent product build-up, a tool-less belt lifting mechanism and non-existent welds for easy, washdown cleaning. An all stainless steel construction, sloped surfaces and control box for run-off as well as a standard open frame design allow for easy cleaning, access, inspection and maintenance. An IP69K rated stainless steel picking robot rounds out the high sanitary features of the Talon.

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