Ossid: Tray sealing machine

Ossid, a product brand of ProMach, launched the TS-72 tray sealing machine designed for packaging proteins in trays, cups, and rounds. The dual-lane machine operates up to 15 cycles/min. Machines are also available for ambient, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), and MAP with vacuum applications.

TS-72 tray sealing machine
TS-72 tray sealing machine

For greater responsiveness and competitiveness, the TS-72’s quick changeover functionality gives protein packing operations the flexibility to effectively produce a wide range of stock keeping units (SKUs) on the same line, including the ability to run different depth trays at the same time.

“We designed the robust stainless-steel frame to provide a stable packaging platform that will give customers many years of service,” said Jason Angel VP of Sales & Marketing for Ossid. “The TS-72 is printed film capable, and inside cut and gas mixer options are available.”

To bring solutions to market faster, Ossid will work with TS-72 customers on package development and prototyping. Serving customers with one point of contact for sales and seamless integration of printers, weigh-price labelers, product feeders/loaders, and fillers make this option completely turnkey for the customer. Watch a short video of the dual lane TS-72 in operation.

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