ISRA Vision: High-resolution line-scan cameras

ISRA Vision Paper Master Web Inspection System (WIS) guarantees a new precision in detecting and classifying defects.

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The new generation of fast high resolution line-scan cameras paired with high-end illumination does not miss out on any defect and is your eyes along the entire production line. Innovative classification software identifies what kind of problem you are dealing with. The result is an unprecedented precision to secure highest possible quality standards.

This quality step ahead in the automated inspection of all paper and tissue surfaces is made possible by ISRA’s further development of classic web inspection. Paper Master WIS is a ready-to-use solution with the latest, fast, high-resolution cameras, combined with brightest illumination technology. Standard resolutions up to 8000 pixels in CD/camera and 640 MPixels/second true processing speeds deliver highest detection performance for any application. Easily and fast integrated into the production line, Paper Master WIS offers an eight times better resolution than conventional cameras and is able to find all defects even down to microns.

The sophisticated components provide the basis for an ultra-fast and highly precise web inspection. Data processing is performed in realtime, enabling a most reliable high-speed classification. Altogether, the operator receives fully automated results that had not been possible with previously available technology.

Crystal clear images of defects by Paper Master WIS give the basis for accurate defect classification. Even smallest irregularities can be detected and evaluated. Modern classification software identifies and classifies defects in no time. Previously, it took a long time to set up classification systems and teach defects. Today, installation goes fast and easy thanks to ISRA’s defect catalogue that provides basic information to start classification in only a few hours. Quickly accessible, detailed defect information helps to adjust parameters and take actions before it becomes a real problem for production. Further, quality is measured permanently, and producers are now able to make sure that only flawless material is delivered to their customers.

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